Christopher J. Dean

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Dalhousie University working with Peter Selinger and Julien Ross. My research involves a wide range of areas of mathematics including higher category theory, homotopy type theory, and quantum computing.

Previously, I did my doctorate at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Kobi Kremnitzer and Jamie Vicary.

Selected Papers

  1. arxiv
    Realistic Cost to Execute Practical Quantum Circuits using Direct Clifford+T Lattice Surgery Compilation
    Tyler LeBlond, Christopher Dean, George Watkins, and Ryan S. Bennink Ryan S. BenninkDean
  2. arxiv
    Computads for weak ω-categories as an inductive type
    Christopher J. DeanEric FinsterIoannis MarkakisDavid Reutter, and Jamie Vicary
  3. thesis
    Globular Multicategories with Homomorphism Types
    Christopher J. Dean
    University of Oxford, 2022